senior jazz dance group

Dance Styles offered at Perfect Pointe’

Tiny Tots / Kinder Dance

This class is a fantastic introductory to dance for the ages of 3 & 4 years. The class is classical based, introducing the students to ballet basics. Jazz is also introduced along with creative dance and singing. Props are used, such as fairy wings, fairy wands, ribbons, scarfs and flowers.


Examinations are offered in The Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus. This fast paced energetic class is a highlight of the curriculum. High kicks, turns, jumps, cardio, stretch and flexibility are taught. This is a great class to take for fun and fitness.


A free style of dance that is often characterised by the use of a relaxed torso and bare feet. Contemporary dance is not a specific dance technique but a collection of methods developed from modern and post-modern dance.


Students develop strength and flexibility as they learn how to tumble, do cartwheels, handstands and walkovers. This is all taught in the safety of a qualified teacher.

Private Singing

Students will work ono-on-one with a singing teacher. Working on scales, projection & performance quality. This class is for all ages and experience levels. We suggest students enrol in our Musical Theatre class also to further their knowledge and to practice signing in a group.

Classical Ballet

Examinations are offered under the SDA Syllabus (Southern Dance Association Australia). Classical Ballet is the foundation of all styles in dance. Classical Ballet develops poise, grace, style as well as strength. It also develops flexibility, musicality and a sense of line. Students who have strong technique and ability will commence pointe work at the appropriate time. Prior to the students being fitted with their pointe shoes a pre-pointe assessment is required with a physiotherapist.


Classes offered from Tiny Tots to Adults! Tap is a lot of fun and a great way to strengthen your ankles and legs. Tap has been made famous by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. The sound is created from the tap plates on the ball and heel of the shoe. Focus is on footwork and learning specific tap steps that include: from a shuffle, to a pick-up, to a wing.

Hip Hop

The latest street style of Jazz as seen in music video clips. A fun fast moving class involving warm-up, hip hop combinations and routines.

Musical Theatre

A mix of jazz, acting and singing. Students will learn chosen songs from musicals, movies & stage shows to further their performance skills. We encourage our musical theatre students to enrol in a private signing
class also.